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Chemical Engineers

Employed in U.S.: 31,700

Change expected in next decade: -2%

Average salary: $84,680

Demand for engineers overall is good, with some specialties expected to see outstanding growth, but demand for chemical engineers, who work in the manufacturing of chemicals and products such as gasoline, synthetic rubber, plastics and cement, is expected to drop 2 percent in the next decade.

The biggest demand in engineering will be for biomedical engineers, with projected growth of 72 percent over the next decade, as well as civil, environmental and petroleum engineers.

The reason some areas are seeing a decline again comes down to money: Cutbacks in defense expenditures have crimped demand in industries such as electronics and aerospace. Plus, there is an increasing trend toward contracting engineers instead of hiring them full time, as well as outsourcing work to English-speaking engineers outside the U.S., who are often willing to work for lower wages.

In order to remain competitive, it's imperative for engineers, like computer programmers, to stay on top of the latest technology and trends.

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Advertising and Promotions Managers

Employed in U.S.: 44,600

Change expected in next decade: -2%

Average salary: $80,220

Overall employment in advertising, marketing, promotions and PR is expected to jump 13 percent in the next decade, but for those who direct a firm's ad campaigns and promotions aimed at driving sales, prospects are expected to drop by 2 percent.

The drop is largely due to the economy -- and the changing landscape of the media business. Advertising and promotions are also subject to demand in the industries they're promoting, so if an industry is hard hit by the economic slump, it will take a toll on the advertising and promotions managers that work with it.

The advertising industry is changing rapidly as the media and Internet landscape changes, making it crucial for advertising and promotions managers to be flexible and creative in harnessing new methods of promoting products.

Job opportunities will be greatest for those with a high level of creativity, plus strong communications and computer skills, and those who quickly adapt to new media such as the Internet and social media.